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Pack of (3) TriplePoint Clovis Cut+ Mechanical Broadheads


The Clovis Cut+ broadhead is the newest addition to TriplePoint Outdoors arsenal. The all solid, super thick .039" stainless cutting blades create a 2 1/4" cut at impact, devastating game. The ClovisTM mechanical broadhead with EarthTecTM blade retention technology revolutionizes broadhead tech with perfect flight and NO pre-deployment. The Clovis is engineered to launch and fly ballistically, maintain precision and centricity in flight, impact and open violently and efficiently, carve huge cutting holes from our single bevel hand sharpened blade technology, retain maximum kinetic energy for unsurpassed penetration, and simply perform for the archer during a hunt without question. The Clovis can be shot out of any poundage, any speed, and any type of bow. TriplePoint aims to reinvent the hunt by providing the latest engineering innovations to aid the traditional sportsman in their outdoor hunting pursuits. The rotation of a Clovis Helicut depends on arrow speed, the faster the bow shoots the Helicut; the more rotation after impact driving helically through tissue! 100% solid stainless steel hardened Rockwell 51 cutting blades!


The Clovis HelicutTM is designed to give you a heavy leading tip chisel impact, but also begin rotating on contact to drive the broadhead through your game like never before! The original tip is super sharp, and the TurkeyFoote tip acts like an apple coring machine!


Why the TriplePoint ClovisTM Broadhead? 

  • Any bow, any draw poundage, any speed, any range or environmental condition
  • EarthTecTM blade retention technology ensures cutting blades are securely retained at all times
  • EarthTecTM magnet holds securely onto the cutting blades for duration of flight
  • Insanely sharp leading single bevel tip is super strong and razor sharp for instantaneous cuts that are hand sharpened by professionals
  • 3lbs. of force explodes the cutting blades open immediatly upon impact of game
  • Huge, instantaeous entrace hole into animal which is unsurpassed
  • .039" cutting blades that are razor sharp single bevel grind cut a huge swath through tissue
  • Blades pivot around bone to keep cutting and retaining huge amounts of kinetic energy
  • Outstanding penetration and precision through the toughest game animals on the planet, the Clovis simply performs to accomplish a quick, effective, and clean kill of the game animal for the archer
  • 100% engineered and manufactured in the USA by a family owned small business! 
  • Our entire aim is to engineer, design, and create a product that simply performs for the hunter!

TriplePoint Clovis Cut+

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