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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship internationally to select countries. The following is the list of countries we currently ship to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • What Bows can Clovis Broadheads be shot from?
    The Clovis can be shot out of any bow, any draw weight, and any speed. Our EarthTecTM cutting blade retention system ensures that the stainless steel razor sharp cutting blades are securely touching the magnet before the shot, upon acceleration, and the entire duration of flight. This technology is revolutionary because it allows the archer to know that the cutting blades are going to stay secure and in one place, without any flex by dental bands, o-rings, or clips; ensuring complete centricity of flight and tack-driving precision of shots. This is the foundation of the Clovis, our cutting blades must remain locked at all times and give the hunter the piece of mind that they are going to #SimplyPerform during the hunt.
  • Where can I buy TriplePoint Clovis Broadheads?
    Currently we only sell our Broadheads online at Our web site sales will be exclusive for the time being, and we look forward to working with retailers on other opportunities as we evolve!
  • Can I resharpen The Clovis blades?
    Yes. Since our cutting blades are single bevel, along with the leading tip, you can easily sharpen them both whenever necessary if you have the skill to do so. We do, however, caution you that our blades are extremely sharp since they are hand sharpened from the factory and WILL NOT need any sharpening before heading into the field. Just be sure to remove the LokTTM set screws so that you can hunt after sighting in during practice with your bow! New replacement blades and tips will be available on our web site coming out soon!
  • Where are the TriplePoint Clovis Broadheads made?
    Absolutely USA made, with most of our broadhead components being manufactured right here in the heart of it all; Ohio! Our mission has been to create and build the best broadhead in the world, keeping all production in the United States.
  • How well does The Clovis fly?
    Our magnetic blade retention system ensures a concrete fixed cutting blade position at all times until impact. Feel free to shake your arrow once you screw a Clovis on to the end, the cutting blades will not deploy regardless of how hard you shake it back and forth. This keeps the blades shut and WILL NOT open until they impact a game animal and experience 3 pounds of force on the wing blade shoulders. At that point, they explode open faster than any mechanical broadhead on the planet and deliver massive entry holes. This means the Clovis will drive tacks into your target!
  • What type of metal are the TriplePoint Clovis Broadheads made from?
    The Clovis ferrule is machined out of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, and the leading tip along with the cutting blades are laser cut out of hardened 420 stainless steel, along with being hand sharpened to a scary edge that most mechanical broadheads aren't capable of! The leading tip set screw is a 2-56 stainless steel screw, and the blade set screws are alloy steel.
  • How do I become a part of the pro staff at TriplePoint Outdoors?
    Our Pro Staff contracts exist for a one year period of time, where staffers exclusively use the Clovis broadhead for all of their hunting adventures and offer content and media that supports our mission to be the best in the world. We are currently at capacity with our great staff of shooters, but will be adding more and growing over time. We appreciate and value our staffers, cross-promoting our professional staff and showcasing their talents as archers and hunters in the field.
  • What makes the TriplePoint Clovis Broadhead different from other mechanical broadheads?
    Everything; the Clovis was engineered and invented to revolutionize the mechanical broadhead industry and solve problems that many hunters have gotten frustrated with about other brands. Every aspect of performance was critiqued to develop this broadhead from launch to after impact. A magnetic retention system that is the most simple and secure blade retention system in the world, A leading tip and cutting blades that are hand sharpened to an extremely sharp edge ready to perform, and at impact the Clovis retains the most kinetic energy possible to explode and penetrate through the game, pivoting around bones and cutting a helical devastating wound channel all set us apart from any broadhead on the market. We hope you consider the Clovis for your next hunting adventure of a lifetime!
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