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Growing up on a farm in Killbuck, Ohio; yes that's a real rural town in the USA, I began bow hunting as a kid in high school. The wrenching adrenaline from seeing a huge mature whitetail, or long-bearded turkey, fueled my interest in the sport, and soon it was all I thought and read about! Engineering, Physics, and STEM education deepened my interest in the physics of the sport, and I knew that there could be a better broadhead and needed something designed better. After frustrations with many mechanical broadheads on the market, 12 years ago while sitting in my tree stand I realized that there was a better way to retain cutting blades and instantaneously deploy them using cutting edge technology in the most simple way. TriplePoint Outdoors LLC is founded upon the love of traditional bowhunting coupled with this new technology to improve the hunt and effectiveness for the archer. Our broadheads are engineered and designed to #SimplyPerform for the hunter, and retain the maximum kinetic energy upon impact to penetrate violently, and with maximum efficiency, through the game animal; recovering your game quickly and effectively. From the Clovis' ballistic flight profile and aerodynamics, extremely sharp tip and cutting blades, to the instantaneous deployment upon impact; TriplePoint Outdoors has worked and tested to deliver the maximum performing mechanical broadhead that you never knew you needed....until now! Thank you for finding our web site and we hope that the performance of the ClovisTM mechanical broadhead shows you our drive to reinvent the hunt for the traditional sportsman! 

Our Best; 

Joshua and Emily Miller

TriplePoint Outdoors LLC

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